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About RateEd

For many parents finding the right school, the one that meets their children’s needs and provide a well-rounded education, from academics and life skills to character, physical and social development is of the utmost importance. Yet finding the right school can be a challenge.
Besides the mainstream educational system, there are so many and so diverse school options that one can easily feel overwhelmed. As a parent you are required to make more and more decisions – often with lifelong consequences for your children. Parents running busy households need the confidence and basic tools such as simple access to a list of schools and daycare centers in their area, their profile and other parents’ views on and experiences with these institutions for making the right decisions.

RateEd is here to help you in making the right choices and finding the right school for your child.

You’ll find here a full range of options in terms of not only categories but also other parents’ ratings. You’ll find Montessori schools, special needs schools, faith-based schools, traditional schools, French schools, and much more. You will visit schools in search of the right one and will get a lot of information from daily routine to before and after school care, lunch provided or not and if yes, prepared in house or brought in by a caterer; which caterer? Who are they? What do they offer? What do other parents say about them?

And while you’re at it, please share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of the parents and with the educators and administrators too – while you might not really feel at ease with sharing your thoughts with the school face to face especially if you have concerns, they can see it on and will appreciate it – a reality check always helps.